14 January 2006

Photo du Jour: Another Fire . . .

At about 10pm Friday evening while sitting in my house I smelled something burning--the third time since October that this has happened. I went outside of my house and the smell was even more intense--and the air had a thick smoky haze hampering visability. When I walked into the street in front of my house I could see large plumes of black smoke billowing up into the air several blocks away. The sound of sirens blared in the distance. By the time I got to the burning house, the NOFD and NOPD were on scene in control of the situation. The Times-Picayune account of this fire is here.

Seems to me that there have been more fires such as this one than usual post-KTMB despite being told by one of the fireman onsite that this is not the case. Less than a week ago, for example, a fraterity house on Freret Street met a similar fate.


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