08 June 2006

New Orleans Saints: The Overhaul Continues

And the overhaul also continues on the Louisiana Superdome . . .

The Saints continue to be active in the off-season. And I am trying to keep those moves current in my 53-man roster projections.

Updated offense is (here.).

Updated defense is (here.).

Long story short, we finally have a roster full of NFL linebackers. And Jonathan Sullivan and Courtney Watson are gone. I'm pretty underwhelmed by what we got for them. But you couldn't have expected anything more for those jackasses. I'm just glad they're gone. The aggressive overhaul continues, and I'm grateful.

I will continue to update. You figure that Michael Bennett and Dwight Smith might be the next dominoes to fall. I will be looking, and will do a complete overhaul when training camp begins.

Keep the Faith.

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