06 April 2006

Two Quotes: One Contradiction . . .

Is it just me or do these two quotes regarding the recovery/rebuilding of New Orleans and Louisiana seem like a complete contradiction?

According to the The Brookings Institute, 6 April 2006:

For residents of south Louisiana, federal officials "are holding all the cards right now about how the rebuilding process will begin," she said.

Washington Post Interview with dubbed-recovery czar Donald Powell, 30 March 2006:

Powell said luring homeowners and businesses back to the hurricane-ravaged city "depends on a lot of factors that, I think, are out of our control."


At April 06, 2006 1:38 PM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

If Powell is saying that, he should resign. The last time Republicans walked around talking about how little was under their control in the face of crisis(e.g. 1929-32), Americans ran them out of the presidency on a rail for the follwing 20 years. I hope the same thing happens now. Cheesh, grow some gonads, GOP.

At April 06, 2006 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me explain...
The feds hold all of the cards ($$$) but they are not going to throw money down the backwards political drain of this state. Until they see marked improvement of state and local bureaucracy, no purse strings will be released. This will materialize in the form of various delays, additional hearings, investigations, etc. Ironically, it sounds eerily similar to the ole "business as usual" down here.

Keep in mind the Golden rule (He who has the gold, makes all the rules). It is a misunderstanding that is very common here in NO,LA. The feds may hold the purse strings, but Louisianans truly hold the cards. If they play by the feds rules (which almost everyone else in the country does) they will get the money needed to rebuild. Playing by the rules means rule of law, a necessary ingredient of civil society. Regrettably, I think New Orleanians treat rule of law like fine china (nice to see on the wall, but not really for personal use). If they continue to act as if federal money is their god-given right, I fear this rebuilding effort will fail and the sliver-by-the-river will be the future of new orleans.

p.s. I appreciate your thoughtful insight re: this city. I will continue to post my comments in hopes that a greater understanding of all this Katrina-NO,LA stuff is realized.



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