02 April 2006

The 2002 City of New Orleans Mayoral Race: A Historical Review

Just a review to remember how we got where we are today with Ray Nagin as the Mayor of New Orleans. In review of this data, I don't recall Nagin beating Pennington in the runoff by nearly 20% . . . The race was a much closer one in my memory. I did remember, however, that Troy Carter did surprisingly bad in the primary only getting 10% of the vote.

In my opinion, minus the MLK Day speech I think Nagin maybe not necessarily have had a cakewalk in the upcoming election, but certainly I think easily had the upper hand towards winning it. The MLK speech opened the door for viable competition to step up and vie for the mayorship whom I think likely would have passed otherwise (i.e. Mitch Landrieu). I voted for Nagin both times in 2002, but he lost me--and I wasn't even critical of his handling of the immediate post-KTMB days. Nagin may very well be able to win again, but would it have been much easier for him without the MLK Day "chocolate city" controversy (to which I believe and admit was taken out of context thanks to the eight second television-friendly sound byte treatment of that speech)? Or will the "chocolate city" affair actually ensure Nagin wins by galvanizing the black vote (whom he didn't really win over in the 2002 election) and disregarding the white vote (that will be split primarily by Landrieu, Forman, and Couhig) that secured the election for him in 2002?????

(the day before New Orleans-hosted Super Bowl XXXVI)

C. Ray Nagin, D 38,323 (29%)
Richard Pennington, D 31,259 (23%)
Paulette Irons, D 24,557 (18%)
James "Jim" Singleton, D 17,503 (13%)
Troy Carter, D 13,898 (10%)
Vernon Palmer, D 3,442 (3%)
8 Other Candidates Combined* 2,517 (2%)
Leonard Lucas, D 2,102 (2%)

*-Emile Labat (637), Quentin Brown (422), Thomas Dunn, Jr. (334), Timothy Hill (309), Clarence Hunt (289), "Manny Chevrolet" Bruno (274), Ed Cerrone (136), and Albert "Superman" Jones (116).

C. Ray Nagin, D 76,639 (59%)
Richard Pennington, D 53,836 (41%)


At April 02, 2006 10:54 AM, Blogger bayoustjohndavid said...

I still don't understand the "out of context" or "off the cuff"(you don't make that one)excuses for the MLK speech. It was the last straw for me, not because it was insensitive, but because it was planned in reaction to the fact that his main opposition would be white. It wasn't a speech given as a mayor,but a speech given as a candidate. Instead of addressing the fears of the displaced, he sought to exploit them. And people act like he was surprised to find himself in front of a microphone at an occasion where the mayor always gives a speech. Just a reminder, the chocolate city speech (NOT REMARKS, as some persist in saying) made everyone ignore the speeches given by black activists earlier in the day calling him a sell out to the white power structure for changing the parade route. Actually, we seem to be pretty much on the same page, except for the premeditateness of the speech and I think that it helped rather than hurt his chances. Great speech for a candidate, irresponsible speech for a mayor. Sorry to ramble, but that missing aspect of the reaction to the speech still makes my blood boil.

I've talked to Republican friends who've finally started to admit that it was wrong to re-elect a president who so clearly put being re-elected ahead of governing; I don't see any difference with the mayor and it became obvious on MLK day.

At April 03, 2006 6:19 AM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

He pissed me off with the "Chocolate City" thing, but he didn't lose me until the "they don't look like us" comment, combined with his lame explanation of it during the first debate. He's a pathetic panderer.

Nice picture of him with Jesse Jackson yesterday on the front of the Times-Pic. Nagin's hanging with Jesse? C. Ray changed parties to run for mayor. He's no liberal.

C. Ray believes in C. Ray.

At April 06, 2006 8:22 AM, Blogger Hollis P. Wood said...

Notice. Add up the votes............................................Only 135,000 people voted in that election.

Remember that number.

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