31 March 2006

LSU Basketball: And ONE MORE Thing

In this season which will be remembered down here as the season when LSU men's basketball got back on the map (hopefully for good), it will also, unfortunately, be remembered for another thing: "Mr. Integrity," Roy Williams, is the Coach of the Year.

North Carolina's press release about the award is even better. The university's story boasts that Williams deserves the award, in part because "The Tar Heels also won at 10th-ranked Kentucky." Calling Kentucky a top-ten team this year (presumably because of the pre-season poll) is about as offensive and misleading as it gets.

The award itself is ridiculous on its face because voting is completed before the tournaments begin. But here's the other thing that makes it more ridiculous: John Brady, coach of a team that ran away with the SEC regular season title, coach of a team that didn't have a point guard for all but three games this season, coach of a team that made it through the entire season without a credible backup at either guard position, coach of a team that started three freshmen and a sophomore for most of the season--didn't receive a single vote.

And "Mr. Integrity" wins because he started a bunch of freshmen and beat Duke. Oh, and tenth-ranked Kentucky. Too bad LSU didn't play Duke in the regular season.


At April 06, 2006 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loud and clear...this longhorn shares your dislike of awshucks roy...

At April 07, 2006 2:51 PM, Blogger ben said...

If you think that Roy Williams is a shitbag who gets more credit than he deserves, you should come to Lawrence and find out what they have to say about him here.

Just make sure to bring asbestos coveralls, first.


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