31 March 2007

Photo du Jour: Worse than Normal?

Is it me or does it seem this spring's "droppings" have been worse than usual?? In my neighborhood even if the actual droppings aren't on everything (not directly near the trees its coming from) the dust/residue from it is. Our cars and our porch all need a good hose-down.

25 March 2007

The Return of the Ladybug Rollercoaster in City Park

I know a little girl who turned seven this week. She has had three of her seven birthdays at the Ladybug Rollercoaster in City Park. She's a fan. Because of the man-induced flood of August 2005 she was unable to have her sixth birtday party at City Park, but this year for her seventh there was no doubt where it would be. The Ladybug is back.

I believe this weekend was the third or fouth now that the amusement part of City Park has been re-opened in over nineteen months. The City Park Railroad train is running (the first amusement ride to come online over a month ago) and most of the other rides, etc. (slides, bumper cars) are back. The iconic carousel, however still remains to be operational, but it appears as if renovations are nearly complete.