22 December 2005

Photo du Jour: Frost in Milton, Florida

East bound and down, loaded up and truckin' . . .

Spent the night at the KOA campground in Milton, Florida about 20 miles east of Pensacola. As the constant hum of traffic on I-10 150 yards away (and six or so Abita Restoration Ales) soothed me to sleep, it got down to about 27F degrees or so overnight. Woke up Thursday morning to frost on the ground and on everything else including the "dingy" (thats RV lingo) as the above picture shows . . .

Doing the RV scene is relatively new to everyone involved in this trek. In fact, the maiden voyage of the RV was the KTMB evacuation from New Orleans up north to Colfax, Louisiana. Although I've been in the bus since the KTMB evacuation (we went to Vicksburg for Thanksgiving) I still have flashbacks of the days and nights in Colfax watching New Orleans' fate on the horrible cable news channels (you know, Orleans County) and desperately trying to listen to WWL Radio during nighttime to try to get some idea of what was really going on. When I heard AB2 (Aaron Broussard) cracking apart on WWL at 3am on the Tuesday morning following KTMB, I knew we were in trouble.


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