24 January 2007

Twice-Weekly Garbage Pick-up Returns: 17 Months Post-KTMB

I write this as I hear the mechanical rumble and occasional "hey" (the guys collecting the cans yelling to the driver to move forward) of the garbage truck a few blocks away. After nearly a year and a half, garbage collection has returned as a twice-a-week affair within the City of New Orleans. My neighborhood's days are Wednesday/Saturday. I vaguely recall pre-KTMB my area was Tuesday/Friday--but I am not totally sure if I remember correctly as its been so long. Unfortunately, the city's recycling program remains indefinitely suspended and honestly (as pathetic as this is) I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't ever return as the cost of the program was cited pre-KTMB as too expensive to run. Minimally, the City of New Orleans should at least offer a few central recycling drop-off sites to at least have a token program running not dependent on curbside pick-up.


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