22 June 2006


Evan of evanmather.com is a filmmaker and a native New Orleanian whose parents did the Red Stick Shuffle in the early 1970s resulting in his growing up in Baton Rouge. We became friends in the late 1980s while both attending college in the same major. His not-yet-completed current project is entitled SCENIC HIGHWAY which he refers to as a portrait of Baton Rouge. His films have a unique visual style--especially his computer animated ones--and highlight his wry sense of humor.

Via YouTube, click on the image below to see the faux Centroplex Gun and Knife Show commercial to be featured within SCENIC HIGHWAY:

His webpage contains over twenty years of his film work viewable online. I'd suggest checking out FANSOM THE LIZARD, ICARUS OF PITTSBURGH, BUENA VISTA FIGHT CLUB, and the golden oldie classic QUENTIN TARANTINO'S STAR WARS.

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At June 22, 2006 8:54 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for posting this...the gun show, um, asthetic is pretty spot on for Red Stick--hell, sometimes I think a good chunk of city denizens would actually prefer it if the city was called "Red Stick" instead of "Baton Rouge." Or maybe "Greater Baker."

I'll bookmark Evan Mather's site, and look forward to seeing the Scenic Highway movie...and, guess you probably know this already, but "Scenic Highway" is another one of those unique monikers around here...well, maybe you can say "they really made a goddamned scene THERE."


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