20 March 2006

But the Louisiana State Government and Louisiana Local Governments Cannot be Trusted to Wisely Spend Federal Post-KTMB Dollars . . .

Check out this article in today's Washington Post: "Multiple Layers Of Contractors Drive Up Cost of Katrina Cleanup."

It's just pathetic and points out what we've all known all along--everyone has their hand in the cookie jar except for the people physically doing the work. And because of all those hands, the cost to perform a task that must be done in order for the region to rebuild doubles and triples. Nothing like that "government rate."

And then there are situations like this:

A family friend who has a large truck and trailer and the other necessary equipment decided in October to go help out with the debris removal in St. Bernard Parish. He got hired by one of the underling companies and has worked nearly seven days a week in Chalmette and Arabi loading his truck and trailer and bringing the debris to dedicated disposal sites over the past four months. Guess how much payment he has received for his work? Nada. Zero. Still waiting on the check . . .


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