20 November 2006

Topics du Jour: Miscellaneous Ramblings

1. Passing of the Consolidated Orleans Parish Assessor Amendment/Other Amendments.
I am amazed this amendment to the state constitution passed so overwhelmingly. I figured it would be approved both statewide and within New Orleans, but the percentages were surprising. I also thought sure the pro-the-old-way crowd (i.e. the assessor cabals and the incredibly under assessed property owners) would provide more of a fight. "Grassroot" signs did appear around town a few days before the election that stated approval of the amendment would lead to the elimination of "neighborhood assessors." Ya, "neighborhood." I live in the 7th Municipal District in Carrollton and with that mentality, my "neighborhood" includes West End. There are going to be some people that pay more property tax as a consequence of the consolidation when it takes affect in 2010, however so long as it is equitably distributed and everyone "pays their share," I don't have a problem with it. No more of the completely homestead exempt St. Charles Avenue house and the like crap. Of course Jefferson Parish will continue to under-assess the hell out of everyone creating a ridiculous disparity . . .

I voted for the elimination of the City of New Orleans car tax which I think has been a nuisance tax (and one that has really pissed people off and I've often heard cited as Reason #234 to move to Jefferson or across the magic pond). I also voted against that Central School District amendment (which passed statewide and locally in East Baton Rouge Parish). In my opinion the motives and reasons for this by the good people of Central can be questioned--let's put it that way.

2. Dollar Bill vs. Karen Carter U.S. Representative Runoff .
I voted for Carter in the primary--not for any other reason than she seems to be the one with the best chance of the candidates to replace Bill Jefferson. Troy Carter once again way-underachieves in yet another election (translation: gets his ass kicked). Unfortunately, I think da po boy may be on to something with his "best guess" about the upcoming runoff. Despite Jefferson's dismal showing in the primary he may still pull it off. Adrastos compares this election to the 1991 Governor's Race.

3. Journey/Def Leppard Concert at New Orleans Arena.
Yes, I admit it--I, along with several friends, attended this packed show Friday night. Funny thing was instead of the mostly "hey, bruh" crowd it consisted of the "ok, this show has to end at 11pm so we can get home to relieve the babysitter" crowd. From their appearance, I did see some people that apparently magically teleported from World's Fair 1984-era New Orleans to the current post-KTMB New Orleans, but surprisingly those were the minority. Of the two bands, I thought that Journey provided the better show even with the scab's scab as lead singer. Steve Perry is of course long gone and his replacement (who sounds and looks like Steve Perry more than Steve Perry looks and sounds like Steve Perry) has had throat problems which led him to be replaced earlier in the tour. Its like that position is jinxed. This was the first time I set foot in the New Orleans Arena post-KMTB although I plan to make an effort to attend the remaining five "home" Hornets games.

4. Ole Miss/LSU Game.
I had plans to attend the LSU game up in Baton Rouge Saturday night versus Ole Miss, but between the concert and the Saints game on Sunday I decided to not go up. I had multiple offers to go and watch the pay-per-view game at a couple of different bars, but decided to go old school and listen to Jim Hawthorne at home on the radio. A friend of mine has said since Les Miles' inception as head coach he didn't believe Miles was a very good coach and that LSU's success under Miles has been because of the amount of raw athletic talent that LSU has successfully recruited in recent years. I have always told him I didn't think--and hoped--that was the case, but I am starting to have that exact feeling as the Ole Miss game was yet the latest example of a game that fit that criteria. Miles was outcoached by Coach O. Period. LSU simply has better athletes than Ole Miss and that allowed LSU to overcome all of the sloppiness and bad coaching decisions. To eek a game out in overtime (after an extra point is blocked--77 straight converted extra points before that) as a 27 point favorite to an undersized, underskilled Ole Miss is ridiculous. Dandy Don's take on the Ole Miss game.

A TAF friend says "Miles is holding it all back and not showing anything for next week's Arkansas game." We shall see . . . I believe LSU is going straight to the always 27 degree Cotton Bowl in Dallas--probably versus Oklahoma, but things may possibly change with a victory this week in Little Rock. LSU still has an outside shot at an at-large BCS bid, although I just don't see it happening.

5. Lakeview Fine Foods Is No Mas.
Despite noticeable renovation--and expansion (the taking over of West Marine)--the Harrison Avenue grocery store is now not returning allegedly because of insurance issues. Yet another sad KTMB casualty. The owner says however he is in negotiations with another chain to re-open a grocery store on the site. (My guess would be Winn Dixie or maybe Rouses). Additionally, their attempt to offer a small grocery on Esplanade at the former Whole Foods location failed as they shuttered it a couple of weeks ago. Supposedly the employees there had so idea the pink slips were on their way and given 72 hour notice. I tried to go there last Friday to check the place out for the first time to surprisingly find "closed for business" signs taped to the doors.

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At November 20, 2006 8:23 AM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Speaking of Dallas, did you see they're going to bid for a Super Bowl? I thought it was supposed to be a warm weather game . . .

At November 20, 2006 10:55 AM, Blogger Zihuatanejo said...

Considering how people base their vote, I was not surprised. Most people are owned after being invited to a single crawfish boil. Now that everyone was focused on important issues that is changing. There was a serious campaign that made this happen. Lets congratulate the folks that worked so hard on this and lets not let them down by stopping here.

When you guys throw out the duality of what party you belong to or what color or race you belong to and focus on the issues that are equally important to all New Orleanians and native Louisiana-ians it really does not surprise me that the vote was 75% in favor!

Everyone should be of the New Orlenian party before they are a libertarian, republican, or Democrat right now. Those Parties don't serve you.

How about some more bi-, tri-, multi-partisan efforts to keep up the momentum of change?

What is the next big thing that we should all agree to focus on and change locally? We should have a long list!

If we can re-tool our local laws and re-elect some better candidates we can have more traction on National issues like oil revenue sharing. We would have so much more leverage too. Lets get started.

At November 23, 2006 10:50 AM, Blogger Roux said...

Saints-had too many turnovers and big plays to overcome. Same as the week before. I hope they can turn it around.

LSU-A good friend who actually goes to the games sober so he can diagram the plays afterward, IM'd me "Miles has got to let Jimbo call the plays" then later "If we lose this Miles is toast" and still later after the win "Miles has got to go reguardless". This is a guy who is super serious about LSU football. I haven't talked to him this week but he's concerned that Miles has been holding back the offense so when Jimbo leaves he can transition someone else in quickly. He even mentioned that he hoped this isn't another Dinardo.

At November 27, 2006 9:33 AM, Anonymous humidhaney said...

just more reason to go to Dorigancs


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