23 March 2006

LSU 62 Duke 54

I just love this picture.

Sorry, America. The official college basketball team of ESPN and CBS is eliminated from the NCAA Tournament in the Sweet Sixteen YET AGAIN. This just comes one day after ESPN.com published an article saying that Duke's run of 9 straight Sweet Sixteens is "comparable" to UCLA's run in the 60s and 70s. Yep. Duke essentially beat a 16 and an 8 or 9 for nine straight seasons. UCLA won SEVEN STRAIGHT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, TEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS IN TWELVE YEARS, AND 88 STRAIGHT GAMES. Some comparison.

No word yet on if CBS will pre-empt the rest of the NCAA Tournament for reruns of "CSI" now that Duke is gone.

Also no word yet on if CBS and ESPN will issue an apology for waiting until FEBRUARY 28 to give LSU a national television appearance. Duke had had at least two dozen national TV appearances by that point.


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