23 May 2006

Post City of New Orleans Election Day Three...

and I still feel like someone beat me with a Louisville Slugger.

Great piece in today's Times Pic HERE.

I suppose hizzoner now thinks he is beyond reproach for any comments he may make now. He can go public and piss off whoever he wants. Its a great piece about how Nagin may be pro-business but he may not have a clue how to actually bring business here post KTMB. His vague rhetoric and revolving door City Hall may have been fine in the "innocent days," hell all we needed then was a lack of corruption. That was a positive step, his crap won't fly anymore.

I appreciated Joe Canizzaro's comments about how although Nagin has "embraced" the Bring Back New Orleans Commission's reccomendations he has taken no steps towards implementation and has not put a price tag on it.

I did not appreciate Rob "Incontheviable" Coughig's baseless BS comments about how Nagin is so pro-business but yet offered no real, tangible base - Post KTMB - for that statement. Great..."HEY WORLD, I'M PRO BUSINESS!!! WHOOO-HOOO!!!" WTF does that mean, and what is the Mayor doing to bring business in besides making polarizing, alienating comments and showing the world that not a whole lot has changed here post KTMB.

I've been in the background on this Blog after having kept my own blog for a month after being in the city a great deal immediatly after the storm, it was a blog that became too much of a part of me and I still have difficulty going back and looking at it but now I'm pissed. Now I touched the live wire with this whole Mayors race. I'm a Republican, a fairly conservative one at that. I own two businesses I SHOULD want the more Conservative, Republican backed candidate but not now, now is the time to put political ideology aside and do what is right for our city, for the economic engine of our state. We had a chance to do it right and we screwed it up. You'll be hearing lots more from me.

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At May 23, 2006 9:10 AM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Good to hear from ya, Al.

Look, we've got a new City Council for the most part. Let's use them to get the job done where possible.

Mitch was right in that neighborhoods count. Let's turn the heat up on Sugar Ray.


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