30 May 2006

BR Daily Business Report Slams Double J

An interesting commentary from The Greater Baton Rouge's Business Report (ala our CityBusiness) - written by the publisher of GBRBR no less, I don't know whether I think these comments are right or wrong, but they are interesting as to the point of view to those outside New Orleans.

Jesse Jackson has until 4:00 today, May 30, according to the Secretary of State's office, to file his lawsuit challenging the results of the New Orleans' Mayor's election. All over the Internet are news articles and information regarding Jackson's public criticism of Louisiana trampling the voting rights of its citizens. One segment says "Jesse Jackson pledged to challenge the election results no matter the outcome. With Mayor Nagin winning re-election it is yet to be seen whether Jesse Jackson will uphold his promise." Many others have asked the same question. Was this an issue of principle for Jackson? If it's wrong, then it's wrong no matter who wins. Or was it an issue of race? Now that the black candidate, Nagin, won, he is going to let the results stand. Jackson's sidekick, Sen. Cleo Fields, who was speakiing out and filing lawsuits to stop the election, was on camera election night at Nagin's victory party saying, "I believe the right person is being returned to City Hall." I guess as long as the outcome is what he and Jackson wanted, then and only then is it a "fair election." We will find out on today if Jesse Jackson is a man of principle and keeps his promise - or just a hypocrite.


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