10 December 2005

The Heart of Darkness

In the remote mountainous regions of Southwest France there is a tiny, tiny wine growing region called Madiran. It is referred to as "The Heart of Darkness" which implies how the region feels (and the darkness of the wines as well). Anyone who crosses over the 17th Street Canal headed east after dark no doubt knows this very feeling. For my entire life the feeling of the rise over the 17th street canal and hitting the peak of the bridge gave you such an incredible vantage point over the skyline of the city. Seeing The Big Easy from such a vantage point was sure to raise the pulse a beat or two and the imagination wandered a bit about what adventures lay in daily life. Now it is dark. The darkness of Lakeview is deafening over the bright lights of the city and the promise of culture, history and sense of place it offers. The only sense of feeling now is darkness where families once thrived. Darkness where children played. Darkness where families met and ate and lived their lives. When will the families of Lakeview come back? When will the children of Lakeview start playing again? When will somebody turn on the lights, and when they do what will we see?


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